3 Disadvantages Of Musical Potties And How You Can Work Around Them

As seen in our previous post, musical potties are excellent tools for toilet training. The lights and sounds they give out will pique your child’s interest. With them, your child can get used to the potty in no time. They can determine how soon your child starts using the potty by himself.

But musical potties are not without their own problems. What are the disadvantages and how can you get around them?


Because most musical potty chairs are multi-piece units, they’re most liable to leak, in comparison to single-unit potties. I’ve gone through several online reviews of singing potties and one complaint I found that is common to the majority of them is that they leak. Usually, leaking can be reduced by making sure that, after dismantling the pieces for washing, they’re firmly put back in place.

Some leaking instances are caused from the factory. There is little you can do about these if you end up with one because potties, for hygienic reasons, are usually not returnable after the first usage. What you can do is to place the leaky potty in the bathroom for secondary usage.

To prevent yourself from ending up with a potty that is leaking, always read reviews. You can also ask your friends who are actively potty training their kids for help.


When buying a musical potty for your toddler, there is a possibility for him to see it as a toy rather than a tool. You should know that children’s minds are wired differently. I have seen cases where kids will do with a musical potty the same thing they do with their toy cars. Don’t be surprised one day when you come home and find your kid in the front yard pulling his potty along.

To avoid this, explain to your kid, as soon as the potty is brought home, what it’s used for. For assistance, you can show him toilet training videos. You can also buy him brightly colored potty training books.


You’ve seen that potty advertised several times on TV so when the time came to potty train your child, the first thing you did was to order for it online…

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