How do you choose the Best Musical Potties?

When it comes to a frustration-free potty training, you will want to get, at your disposal, the most helpful resources. One equipment that many moms have been using to make potty training easier for themselves and their kids is the musical potty chair.

Musical potties have been around a long time. But it’s surprising the number of parents that have not been utilizing these devices to keep the frustrations encountered in potty training to the barest minimum.

What is a musical potty and how does it work?

Musical potties are specially-designed baby potties that come with lights and sounds. Different studies have shown that one factor against successful potty training is fear. Musical potty chairs are meant to eliminate this by making your child see a potty as a ‘friend’, rather than an ‘enemy’ that needs to be feared.

Some musical potty chairs will come with sounds resembling those generated by the adult toilet i.e. flushing sounds. Some will make sounds associated with popular kids’ TV character. For example, many Muppet and cartoon characters from Disney and Sesame Street are frequently used. These are done to tell the child that potties, no matter how big or small, or how strange they appear, are a little child’s friend.

Many musical potties are highly interactive piece of toilet wares. They require your child to take a particular action before he or she sees the light or hears the sounds.

A case in point, the Fisher Price musical potty chair will start singing when pee or poo touches the receiving bowl. This is possible because the bowl has an in-built sensor that is activated whenever your child do number one or two.

Likewise, the Sesame Street Elmo Potty Chair will give out encouraging sounds when your child successfully uses it. These two potties will also give out flushing sounds when your kid presses the flush handle. These kinds of potty are also good for developmental and role-playing purposes.

Lights and sounds are not limited to potty chairs alone. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a seat reducer (a potty that is attached to the toilet seat) sings when a child uses it.


The Best Musical Potties in 2017