Here’s What No One Tells You About Mickey Mouse Potty Chair

When it first arrived in the stores, the Mickey Mouse Potty Chair was one of the hottest potty training products in the market.

Moms were trooping to the stores to buy this training toilet which makers claim can speed up toilet training period. And the first set of users turned out positive reviews. The potty, they said, can help parents potty train their kids faster.

It does this by making use of the alluring power of Mickey Mouse, the popular children’s character from Disney. The potty was designed like a gadget from the cartoon series and makes fun sounds like the cartoon hero to encourage children.

For the toddlers who usually see the potty chair as an ‘enemy’, they now see the potty as an exciting toy.

Moms were happy. The manufacturer was happy.

But it wasn’t long before another type of reviews started coming in. It seemed some parents didn’t like the way the potty was leaking pee. They reasoned that a leaking potty can’t make moms’ toilet training tasks easier since you will need to clean the floor after each use.


Generally, multi-parts potty chairs, unlike the basic potties that are made up of one or two units of material have the tendencies to leak due to the different removable parts that are joined together. In the case of the Mickey potty, the seating area, including the collecting bowl, is small for above average-weight kids so when they do number one the pee often drops on the potty surface instead of in the bowl and leaks through the joining points to the floor.


To be continued…