Mickey Mouse Potty Chair: To buy or not to buy

The First Years 3-In-1 Mickey Mouse Potty Chair has a very cute design. Something most moms would love to have in their bathrooms.

It easily converts to a step-stool for your child, with a detachable seat laid with soft cushion for comfort. Its Disney Mickey Mouse theme design and fun sounds encourage children, eliminating fear factor from toilet training. The collecting pot is easy to remove for emptying and cleaning, and the design makes the potty highly attractive to toddlers.

The Mickey Mouse potty chair is designed with 3 functions in mind. It’s to be used mainly as an independent potty. Then, when your child is ready for the family toilet the training seat can be removed and placed on any adult toilet for an easy transition. Another function is using it as a step-stool when the lid is closed.

But there’s a major problem…

The Mickey Mouse Potty Chair leaks. All the good feelings you might have had buying this can be canceled out in a second by the disappointment that hits after the first use.

Hear what a parent have to say:

I just bought this cute potty for our son yesterday. He LOVES it. That is the problem. I cannot take it back because he would be heartbroken but every time he pees it leaks around the pee catching bucket…

How can a product be so cute and, at the same time, so disappointing?

If you are potty training a boy, the Mickey Potty might not be for you. The splash guard is not high enough and comes off easily. I can’t imagine cleaning an entire potty set and the floor each time my child goes. You will need to manually press his ‘thing’ down during no. 1 so that pee will not spread all over the potty.

It has no back support. The lid (as seen in the top image) cannot act as a backrest. Kids trip over when leaning on it.

Then the opening is way too small. It’s like it’s designed for smaller-than-average kids.

This is a no-no for boys. It is more like a girl’s potty. But even at that, many moms using it for girls have complained of one or two unpleasant issues arising from the use of this potty.

Hence, I only recommend this potty for girls. You can check out this post for potties that have the same features but do not leak.

The 3-in-1 feature

All the complaints about this potty come mainly from using it as standalone toilet chair. The two other features, seat reducer and stepstool, work fairly OK.

The Mickey Mouse Toilet Seat has a comfy ring made of foam, your kid can sit for longer periods with no problem. The stepstool has a sturdy base.

To buy or not to buy?

Since toilet training sometimes requires having more than one potty, you can buy this as a second potty to be placed in the toilet.

Even if it will not get the job done as a main potty, it will still get your child interested in potty training for its cute design and funny sounds.


You have the other two features working perfectly.