You Will Never Thought That Owning A Lil Loo Potty Could Be So Beneficial!

I was having potty training issues with my 2-year-old, Laila.

I decided to toilet train her when I noticed readiness signs from her. But a couple of weeks into the exercise, frustrations were creeping in.

First, she refused to go near the potty. For the training, I had bought three different types of potty chairs and place them in different locations to aid the training process.

But surprisingly she would not move near any of them. No matter how much goading I employed, she will not bulge. When I forced her, her cries only led to more frustration for me. I’ve read from several online medical sources that you don’t force potty training on a kid. It may have a negative psychological impact on the child’s development.

Later, I bought a seat adaptor (a potty trainer attached to the adult toilet), thinking the process I was using might be wrong. The first attempt was disastrous. Even though I was right there holding her she was so hysterical that I had to give that move up completely.

All these were getting to me in a bad way. The potty training process would really help the two of us, me and Laila. Though she didn’t seem so comfortable in diapers anymore, something was preventing her from embracing the potty.

While thinking deeper about this, I remembered she used the two potty chairs without many hassles when I first brought them home. It’s after the subsequent usage that I noticed her developed aversion to them.

Maybe the issue has to do with the potties, not my baby.

Then I went online and research on finding the best potty training seat for your child. After much reading, I decided on the Summer Infant Lil Loo potty. I quickly ordered for two and placed one in the bathroom and the other in her playground.

Those are some of the greatest value I’ve ever got for my money.

Despite the two Lil Loo potties cost only half of those earlier ones, they solved my toilet training issues within a couple of days.

The first time Laila used the Lil Loo potty, it was with some persuasion from me. The second time, she went all by herself.

It’s only a few potties that are well built as the Summer Infant Lil Loo potty. It stands firm on the ground and your child can sit comfortably while using it. Though it’s a basic potty that doesn’t come with fun sounds featured on the ones I bought earlier, it is highly effective for potty training.

It even comes in different colors so that you can choose the color that blends with your existing decoration.