Fisher Price Potty Chair: Top of the Pack

Fisher Price Potty ChairMusical potty chairs are popular toilet training tools for kids. And they come no better than the Fisher Price Potty Chair, Learn-to-flush.

Built by Fisher-Price, a company whose toys are known all over the world for their strong structure, cleverness, and intrinsic play value, the Learn-to-Flush Potty presents toilet training to children in a funny and rewarding manner, incorporating basic toilet moves.


The Fisher Price potty chair comes with a device located in the bowl of the potty that gives out complimentary sound whenever a child urinates. Then, when the flush handle is pressed, the LED at the back of the toilet came on and a sound is played, imitating an actual flushing noise.

These features attract children and make them get used to the potty in no time. It also comes with a removable ring that fits perfect on most adult toilets thereby making the transition to real toilet easier.

What Moms love about the Learn-to-flush Potty

I like this potty because the seat is made well, there nowhere that a little boy can get pinched. There is enough room for his little bottom and it is a nice height for a just turned 3yr old. The reward system is very encouraging…

The potty seat is remarkably designed as it is devoid of pinching complaints that are common with a lot of potty training chairs out there. It does not leak. The built-in potty guard is high enough to keep in boys’ wayward ‘fountains’.

Many moms enjoy using this potty since they don’t have to wait and observe how a child is pulling it off, the toilet does that by its celebratory songs. On its own, it encourages toilet training. Whether you are potty training a boy or a girl they get drawn to it easily and you might have a battle in your hand keeping them away from it. The reward system is highly commendable. Children love the music and they love the flushing sound.

What you might not like

…Occasionally, when no one is in the room, it would start singing and scare me to death!

Well, some moms have pointed out that the constant singing each time a child pees can be frustrating as you will need to dry out or wipe down the potty to stop the music. Another complaint has to do with the potty arbitrary singing even when not in use.

Though the sounds are meant for positive feedback, what some mothers do to get around this is to switch off the unit when not in use. There is no volume control. For many moms, however, the sounds are not bothersome and are one of the primary reasons the little ones get hooked to this potty.


A Mom’s take on the Fisher Price Potty Chair

The Learn to Flush is a potty chair distributed by Fisher-Price, a world famous children toys companies.

Sound Features

The Learn to Flush comes with custom sound to emulate real toilet usage. The flushing handle when pressed by babies makes flushing sound. It also gives out encouraging sounds when your baby do number one or number two on it. This is as a result of a sensor located at the bottom of the receiving bowl. When the sensor came in contact of any substance (poo or pee) it gives out a cheerful sound that encourages the little ones.

One of the greatest benefits of these features is that it eliminates the fear factor from potty training for your child. According to many studies on why children may not want to use potties, fear is listed as the number one reason. With the Fisher Price Potty Chair Learn to Flush your child sees the potty as something he or she can relate with. Because the potty makes sound your kids sees it as a ‘friend’, not something they should be afraid of.


Another good thing about the Learn to Flush is its sturdiness. It holds your baby securely. It stands firm on the ground. This is also a factor that comes very handy if you’re going to be using it as a step stool. Good potties sit firmly on the floor. If a child falls off the potty once, he might be reluctant to use it the second time.

Ease of Cleaning

Generally, multi-parts potty are more harder to clean than single piece potty. But the Learn to Flush potty disputed this notion by being very easy to clean, thanks to its easily removable collecting bowl. Older children gets to empty the potty themselves in no time. You will want to make sure you are around to supervise this. Unless you’re contented with wiping poo and pee off your kid regularly.


The potty is thoughtfully made for boys and girls toilet training. A good feature is the Splash Guard. If you have potty trained boys in the past you know many times after a session you will not only need to wipe the whole potty, you’ll also need to clean the floor. The high splash guard in the Fisher-Price Potty Chair Learn to Flush reduces the probability of this happening greatly. It captures a boy’s ‘wayward flow’ and directs it to the collecting pot. No more floor mopping for you.

Extra Features

And to top up the nice things about this potty, it is made to grow with your child as a 3-in-1 potty. When your baby graduates to use the adult toilet or if he wants to use the kitchen sink, it comes handy as a step stool.


With a low price tag as at the time of this writing, the Fisher Price potty chair is a great value for the money. It is one of the best potty training seats available today. It even comes in a frustration-free packaging. Young Moms’ World unreservedly recommend this potty.