Elmo Potty Chair: A Muppet and its Toilet

Elmo Potty ChairWhat has Elmo got to do with toilet training?

Various studies have shown that the best way to teach a child is to make the learning process a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Kolcraft, the world-famous toy company, has come up with a laudable way to get children interested in potty training. In this, they teamed up with Sesame Street to use the latter’s world renowned educational characters.

The two organizations’ alliance has given birth to two potty training chairs: the Sesame Street Abby Cadabby Magical Potty Chair and the Elmo Adventure Potty Seat. In this post, the latter will be reviewed in detail.

The Elmo Potty:

The Sesame Street Elmo Adventure toilet has been dubbed the ‘Elmo potty’ by enthusiastic parents. It has an easily removable seat adapter which is compatible with most adult toilets.

The Potty Chair resembles an actual toilet. It comes with a flush handle and features a flushing sound. Children love to pull the lever. These properties will undeniably help a child’s transition to a real toilet.

Another element that has turned this potty to a major hit with kids is the Elmo sound. If your child is an Elmo fan you’ll have your toilet training tasks greatly reduced. The talking and laughing sounds from the popular character appeal to all age groups of kids

Easy to clean:

Elmo Potty BowlPotty training can turn to a grueling task, especially when your child doesn’t seem to ‘get’ it. Added to this is that a potty chair needs to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned each time it is used.

What many moms love about the Elmo kids’ toilet chair are its easily cleanable parts and simplicity of use.

The potty is made up of five detachable units, namely: the base, the seat, the waste tub, the tank and the electronic board which contains the flush handle. Instruction on how to clean will be found in the pdf manual available on the manufacturer’s website.

Smart Features

This potty is designed colorfully to attract children and it does that efficiently. It has a lovely 3D display on the tank featuring a swimming Elmo.

Volume Control:

To reduce noise or conserve the battery since many kids would constantly flush to hear Elmo, there is a turn-off/volume button at the back of the unit. The potty chair has 2 volume levels. Move switch to the middle position for low volume and to the far right for high volume. To turn off, move switch to “O” position, on the far left.

Other helpful features:

The collecting bowl is fairly deep
It is lightweight (made of plastic) and stable.

All the above features combine to make Elmo Potty one of the best potty training chairs around.

How does Elmo Potty Chair help Toilet Training?

The Elmo Potty Seat is not built like a basic baby potty but designed to look more like a colorful adult toilet.

Older kids will already know what it’s used for due to the resemblance since they regularly see their moms and dads use the real toilet.

Younger children might mistake it for a playset due to the bright colors, but they too can still be conditioned to see it for what it is, through effective potty training strategies.

And then the sounds…

The flushing sound is one powerful motivation for kids. They’ve seen their parents constantly flush after using the toilet. When they hear the Elmo Potty flush for the first time they automatically connect the sounds and usage.

Elmo Potty Time DVD and Book

To make the most of your Elmo Potty Chair, you should check out the Elmo Potty media resources, which are mainly DVDs and books. Elmo Potty Time DVD is a great motivational tool and let the child know that everyone need to learn how to use the potty. It teaches the kid that accidents are part of the learning process and that one day, the child will be able to use the potty on his own.


As with many potties, the major complaint here is leaking, especially when boys use the unit. We believe this issue has to do with particular kids as many moms with boys have no problem using the Elmo Adventure Toilet chair.

If you are buying it for a child of above-average weight, you need to be cautious. From what we have seen so far, children up to 2 ½ years will use the potty comfortably, and we definitely recommend the Elmo potty seat to that class of children to avoid pinching for bigger kids.